Monday, January 26, 2009

A Change in the Weather

We have been having some really nice weather lately with temperatures in the upper 70's; so nice in fact that I recently purchased a very large bag of potting soil so I could begin my garden seeds.But today I have been reminded that winter is still here.
We are having cold, cloudy and lightly icy weather.


Anonymous said...

Winter is definately still here.. we're under a severe winter storm warning for tonight.. sleet and snow,.

QuiltedSimple said...

Winter is definitely still here for us - another 6-10" tonight. I'm just waiting not so patiently for spring.

Texas Mom said...

We can't really complain about the rain. We're in a desperate drought. Not that I'd call it "rain"'s really a foggy overcast with moisture. But we'll take anything we can get!

Some of my garden veggies are blooming. Patty, maybe you might have Pat put up a greenhouse.

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