Friday, February 6, 2009

A Down Comforter

Elizabeth and I have been taking turns being sick the last several days; yesterday we ventured into town so she could have some ballet photos taken and then we visited the thrift store where I found Jonathan a wonderful down comforter.I washed it today in the washing machine; even though the tags says to "dry clean only".
It flapped all day in the sunshine and wind and now smells good and feels very fluffy. I am very pleased with my $4 bargain!


Desiree said...

AWESOME! Our thrift stores around here are terrible. I have wanted a down comforter for years but they run about $160 (for king size) where I live. Congrats on your incredible deal!!

Pat aka Posh said...

That was an incredible deal..
glad you two are feeling better.

Valerie said...

I wash my down comforter in the machine all the time. A word of warning though... Make sure you get the comforter very, very dry. If you don't get every last bit of moisture of the feathers, it will mildew from the inside out. And once the mildew gets started, it's impossible to get rid of the stink. I have no idea if you only dried it on the clothesline or just put it up for the pictures, but I would probably throw it in the dryer on high for another 30 minutes or so. (Ask me how I know all of this... Not a fun experience, trust me. Took us weeks to figure out where the smell was coming from.)

Texas Mom said...

Great bargain! I have some down pillows I'm thinking of machine washing and tossing on the line tomorrow. Supp to be 76 degrees and very windy. I'm figuring if I leave them on the line all day, the feathers will be good and dry!

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great bargain! And I'm glad it worked for you to wash rather than dry clean - yeah for a savings!

Fran said...

Sorry to hear you have both been ill. It must have felt great to get out of the house today and into the fresh air.
What a great buy!!! WOW!!!
I tell you, you just can't beat thrift store bargains. All you have to do is be a little patient, go through the stuff that's offered and don't go in there expecting to find down filled duvets every bargains only happen once in a lifetime, but boy-o-boy can you get some good deals in there.
That duvet flapping away on the clothesline looked so nice, I could almost smell the 'fresh' air off it from here.


Anonymous said...

I received one of the comforters as a Christmas present 3 years ago. It cost about $60.00 sale price. The tag says 75% down, made in USA of imported materials. Dry clean only. After 3 years the down has shifted to the squares around the edges. It really keeps you warm. I use this and a fleece blanket, use no heat at night, it has been down to the lower 30's and no other blankets seem to be needed. I love this conforter. Best present ever.

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