Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Drive

Today the kids and I decided to take a drive; the destination was White River.
It had been more than 20 years since I visited this place. We brought a lunch so we could have a picnic but it was too chilly.
Elizabeth played for few minutes at one of the small playgrounds.
We had wanted to walk along the water but it was virtually impossible to reach any water, let alone see the water up close. The only good view of the lake was from the dam.
The lady at the lake office/grocery/cafe said there was a small beach area but this was all we found; a dry area overgrown with brush.
We were also told there was wildlife such as deer and wild hog; but the only wildlife we saw was on the side of the road as we left.
It was nice going for a drive but I sure wish we could have walked near the water and tossed rocks.


QuiltedSimple said...

Very pretty area - but I wish for your sake you had been able to get closer to the water!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a beach when the water is up?
Pretty area but it looked cold too...

Texas Mom said...

I haven't been out there in ages. Alan and I used to fish out there.

belinda said...

Oh MY Patty....It has been YEARS since I have been there too..We have some friends who are constantly working on their place down there....I think they are planning to live there when they retire....maybe me and DHubby should take a drive down there too....just to check it out!!

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