Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to Normal

Today has been busy but productive; I washed and hung the laundry;
And moved some cattle panels to be used for a chicken pen.
We have been slowly working on fixing up an old building for a new chicken house since the chickens want nothing to do with the old chicken house.
While we were gone to Austin one of the hens started setting;
She has 12 eggs under her.


Texas Mom said...

How neat! I tried the eggs for the first time this morning. Had it scrambled. Very rich in color and tasty! Can't wait to raise my own chicks! I've been looking up dog run kennels. Planing to convert one into a coop. Planning to get the chickies SOON!

Ann said...

Hey, wanna come do MY Laundry?? heehee.
All this talk about chickies....they're everywhere, they're everwheere! I've taken my camera to work on chicken day a couple of times, but keep forgetting to take a picture. Maybe next week.

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