Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Better Than a Hot Dog

The other day, after classes, Jonathan stopped by the grocery store to pick up a couple of things for me. While at the store he called to ask what we normally pay for sausage links; he had stumbled upon a great deal.
We like sausage links best on the grill but I didn't feel like making a fire for only one item. So, instead I put a little water in the skillet and cooked until brown and the water was gone.
These are wonderful with mustard on a bun. My nephew Joshua is the one who got Jonathan hooked on eating sausage links this way.

They are very rich with a strong flavor; a perfect change from a simple hot dog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing me what they look like.. I haven't tried them but will be buying some soon.. they sure do look good.

Texas Mom said...

Great price! Those are good wrapped in tortillas too.

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