Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Chicken House

Today we worked all day on the chicken house. We began this project because the chickens didn't want to have anything to do with the old house since it was so far from us. The new house was originally a greenhouse that was used to store a lot of junk. This is how it looked after all the junk was removed. A tree had fallen on it during a storm and caused a lot of damage to the tin leaving large openings.
The roof was no good so Pat tore it off;
And re-framed it; making it higher on one side.
After the framing was complete we began replacing some of the crushed metal.
The area of roof that was raised was then covered with chicken wire to let in light and cool breezes.
Here Pat is nailing down the new metal roof.
And here is how the roof looks from the inside.
The new chicken house is complete except for a door. We were anxious to have the chickens get used to their new house so we put up a temporary door for now and locked them up this evening.
While I was in the house giving Elizabeth a bath Pat and Jonathan went to check on the chickens; they found several of them up on the ledge trying to get out through the chicken wire at the top of the house. This is just too funny!
Now that the new chicken house is pretty much finished I can get their fenced in yard ready; I have been concerned about the chickens being killed when they go across the road to forage in the pasture and I have also been concerned about the coyotes getting them too.


Ann said...

Wow, looks like a very productive day. The picture of the chickens trying to get out is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Love the new chicken house and LOL that was real funny to see the chickens standing in the window..

Patty said...

Hi, My mom and use to make bars for them to roost on one side and nest boxes on the other side. Keeps them from laying where ever they want. I so love your blog as well as your Mom's. She doesn't live too far from me. I have learned so much from the two of you and I am a 53 year old woman. yours was the first blog I read. You know the old one you had. lol I have copied printed out almost of your Mom's recipes. God Bless you and your family. Patty at

Texas Mom said...

Great job on the chicken house! Tell Pat, GOOD JOB! (And tell him to come visit me and bring his tool belt!)

I've decided to ditch the dog kennel idea and build a coop/yard from scratch. This will be an interesting project. Can't wait to get our chickens!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the chicken coop!

7 D's said...

That is tottaly adorable Pat...! We need to visit!!!

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