Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last year, during a big sale at Jo Ann Fabrics, I bought a clover mini iron.
I had read about them and just knew I would use it all the time.
But I was wrong; until today I had only turned it on once and that was to see if it worked.
Then today, as I was working on doll dresses, I dug it out and WOW! It worked so well for ironing the small curves. How did I ever go so long without using it?


Texas Mom said...

I remember seeing them advertised on TV a few years back. Something like $5 apiece. I always wanted one for doll clothes, but never bought any. Nice to know they are working good.

Anonymous said...

it's the cutest thing and I can tell it would be great for doll clothes

jacquie said...

i'll bet these would be great for applique too. i wonder if i would use it?

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