Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The High Cost of Heartburn

For the last several days Jonathan has been suffering from a pain in his lower chest area. The pain was present both day and night and caused a great discomfort. So, today we went to the doctor; diagnosis...heartburn. Heartburn? This seemed so odd since Jonathan is lucky to eat once a day because of his school schedule; but the doctor said not eating normal daily meals can cause heartburn.

The doctor put Jonathan on a bland diet, for 2 weeks, and told him to take Maalox before each meal and right before bedtime. Plus he gave him a prescription for Nexium. When we went to the pharmacy to have the prescription filled the cost was going to be $125.00 for 20 pills! Wow, was that ever a shock! $6.25 per pill!

After much thought I decided that half the battle would be won by taking the Maalox and eating the bland diet.
So instead of purchasing the very high priced prescription pills I decided to try an over the counter generic version of Prilosec.
Hopefully Jonathan will see signs of improvement by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Every once in a while Willy World will have another brand on sale for a real cheap price.. Can't remember the name but I'm thinking its in a pink and white box.
Hope this works for him.. I know how miserable it can be.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I forgot to mention that I use that liquid antiacid and its great.. don't like the mint flavored one but sometimes that's all my store has.

Texas Mom said...

We use the liquid, generic antacids, but honestly, a lowcarb, high protein diet (ditch the junk food) will lesson heartburn. Eat lots of meat/veggies.

Also, ulcers can contribute to the problem.

OR, it may run in the family. I've always had issues like this.

belinda said...

Oh yes...I have a family member who also gasped at how high their
prescription was. I too would try what you are doing first!!

QuiltedSimple said...

I've had heartburn off and on - but never taken the prescription meds for it - I can usually control it with OTC meds. Hope his works!

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