Monday, April 27, 2009

Baking in an Electric Roaster

My mom has had great success baking in an electric roaster; so much success that I decided to try it myself today. This morning I took my roaster outside and set it up on Elizabeth's little picnic table.
Then I went inside to make a batch of whole wheat bread; after the first rise I put it into the roaster on warm for the second rise.
And rise it did, beautifully!
Next I turned the roaster up to 350 and covered it. This is what I saw when the time was up; a wonderfully brown loaf of bread.
However, my excitement was short bread was not cooked on the underside and caved in when I took it out of the pan.
In order to try and save it I placed it back in the roaster and cooked it longer.
The only parts that continued to cook were the corners.
And when I cut into the middle it was uncooked. Oh well, at least Elizabeth and I got to eat the crusted ends and the chickens will get the rest for an afternoon snack.


Texas Mom said...

Why did you cook it outside? I only use my roaster for large turkeys... or when I don't want to heat up the house... I've never baked in mine and would expect mine to turn out like yours.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Patty :( I was so excited when I saw the first pictures then I too caved in when I saw it didn't bake on the bottom.. I'm guessing your roaster has its heating elements on the sides only because my bread (as you know) always browns on the bottom.
At least you have chickens to enjoy the rest.

Ann said... was so purty, too(the top, anyway).

Melissa said...

Bummer! My sister cooks in her's all the time - cakes and everything. I only use mine for Christmas and Thanksgiving to cook the Turkey. I'm too lazy to get it out of the garage any other time.

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