Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fresh Hen Eggs

This is how my fridge looks most of the time....But my name is slowly getting around; today I took 6 dozen eggs with me to town and sold them all in less than 30 minutes.And I already have a list of customers for next week. The price I have been charging is $2.25 per dozen with a new egg carton or $2.00 per dozen if the customer has their own egg carton. The egg money helps to pay for the grain we buy to feed the chickens which makes the eggs we keep for ourselves nearly free.


Texas Mom said...

eggselent! You're finally making a profit. How did your name get around?

Bethany said...

I wish I lived closer so I could buy some of your eggs. I have a friend who has a couple chickens but they don't really have enough eggs yet to sell. Every once in a while she shares them with me and they are WONDERFUL. I never again want to eat a store bought egg. I love your blog...I'm a silent reader and one day hope to live in the country and have chickens of my own!

Anonymous said...

I'll take those 12 dozen please.. and I'll bring my own cartons.

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