Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mower Maintenance

For the past week I have been learning, hands on, how to work on a lawnmower; and I must say...I DO NOT LIKE SMELLING LIKE GAS AND OIL...I would never make it as a mechanic! However, I did manage to replace a carburetor filter, replace a melted primer button and change the oil and now our push mower is working wonderfully.
Yesterday the chickens were treated to finely chopped grass and weeds;
And now that the mower is working I can give them lots of chopped grass and weeds since the grass is tall and thick and loaded with seeds.
While I was mowing Elizabeth wanted to play with the camera so she took this photo of me emptying the grass catcher;
And this photo of Rani. All together she took about 75 photos! I sure am glad taking pictures is cheap.


Ann said...

Tell Elizabeth next time she takes a picture of you, to take it a little closer up so we can see what you look like!

Anonymous said...

Oh great.. you can come fix my mower.. I hit a baseball this morning and it cut half way through and slammed up against the side of the mower and won't budge... I tried kicking it loose but it didn't budge..
Now I have a good excuse to not mow :)

Anonymous said...

Well DH kicked the ball out last night so now the only excuse I have is it's raining today :)

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