Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Woes

My hopes for a full productive garden are quickly vanishing; I have decided the ground is not fertile and that is why my garden is struggling so much. My green beans are so sad looking; A few of them have started to fill out some but I will not have enough green beans to can.
Many of the tomatoes we transplanted have now died but a few are still hanging on.
Out of the 6 tomato plants I bought at the store only 2 have survived but they are beginning to show signs of growing.
Several of the cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers and pumpkins are beginning to get big but still many are struggling.
My potatoes are the only items that seem to be striving but I am now beginning to think they will not make many potatoes.
I guess this year I will need to visit the farmer's market unless I decide to start a second garden.


Texas Mom said...

Your potatoes look great! Try your indoor garden too. I'm not doing so hot on my garden either. I'm worried it may be the lack of bees.

Atlanticsong said...

Our garden has been struggling this year too but we're hoping that the compost will go well so we can use that to improve the soil for next year...

7 D's said...

Hi Patty...

You are not the only one with the woes in the garden. Today my husband rototilled again. He said the kids and I planted very deep. The only thing comming out is the corn and ocra....we got several tomatoes plant today at Mary Lee's garden. So here I am writing with still a lot of dirt in my fingers. LOVE your blog!

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