Monday, July 13, 2009

Canning Is So Fun

Yesterday I was looking through my canning book and found this chart; a guide for preserving a years worth of food for a family of four. My garden wouldn't even provide a Fourth of what is needed for a year. It's a good thing we have grocery stores to fall back on.
This week I found red potatoes on sale for 50-cents a pound; and since we love red potatoes better than russet potatoes; and since my garden didn't produce as many potatoes as I had hoped; I decided to take advantage of the sale and bought just over 25-pounds.
After a very full afternoon and evening of canning I ended up with 20 quarts.
Here is my cost breakdown;

Potatoes: $12.54

Lids: ? (I purchased these several years ago on clearance; I think for 50-cents)

Each quart comes out to 63-cents; each quart should have just over 1-pound of potatoes.

The cheapest canned potatoes at the store sells for 79-cents per 12-ounce can; I believe one quart of my potatoes is equivalent to at least 2 cans of potatoes sold at the store.

Canning is so fun; maybe next year I will increase my garden to see if it is possible to can at least half a years worth of food.


Texas Mom said...

It's good to know you won't be going hungry when the grid falls! Good job! You're truly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

They look delicious.. where are you storing your bounty? did you clean out the cellar?

Ann said...

Even better than the price breakdown is that when you eat the foods you've canned, you know exactly what you are eating. You never know with the store bought stuff. I've never canned potatoes..would you email me your process in case I find a good deal on taters? Thanks! (btw, your mom told me you needed a good dill pickle recipe. If you want the one I use, holler and I'll email it to you)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I enjoy canning too, there is nothing better than falling into bed exhausted from a day of canning, with the satisfaction of having jars of good food to feed the family.

Packrat said...

I think I'm new to your blog. Looks lovely.

Just curious - did you pressure can your potatoes or use a hot water bath?

QuiltedSimple said...

I love canning veggies - they taste so much better than store brought!

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