Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Picnic Time

Elizabeth and I are headed to a picnic this evening with a home school group we recently joined.Our contribution to the meal will be 48 chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate dipped strawberries.
Jonathan kept coming into the kitchen asking if he could have just "ONE". Sorry sonny, not this time.


Packrat said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. And yummy looking. :)

Michaela said...

Oh, could I have one? Yummyyyyy

belinda said...

Well...if I had been there, I would have been just like Johnathan! I bet you won't have any left!!!

Anonymous said...

They DO look delicious!!

Ann said...

POOOOOR Jonathon! That's just pure torture for him to have to see those, but not be able to have one......MEAN MOM! hehe

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