Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's for Lunch?

Back to school for college is quickly approaching. Jonathan usually brings a lunch each day so coming up with creative and different ideas, that are cheap, can be a challenge. However, thanks to my mom, Jonathan will now be eating homemade fried rice instead of the high priced rice we had been buying from our local Sam's Club.This rice was so good that I even liked it! We made it using left over rotisserie chicken and frozen veggies; it was so easy and very cheap to make!


Anonymous said...

Now I feel better.. I was so worried that he wouldn't like it since you said he didn't like soy sauce..
It tickles me that you like it too.. I love it so much I can make a meal of nothing but the rice.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I forgot.. be sure to try making those lo mein noodles the same way.... Other then you don't fry those :)
I'm sure he'll like that also.

Ann said...

Yumm! I do the same thing with ramen noodles. Add meat and veggies and you have a meal!(I've tried it with chicken, pork and beef all three and they all turn out good)

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