Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Very Sweet Deal

I love chocolate and I love a bargain. So what happens when you blend the two together? You only pay 4-cents per candy bar!!!!!

Here's what happened;

A local Walgreen's had the Symphony milk chocolate and Hershey's milk chocolate with caramel marked $1.09 each. However, when I checked out the candy rang up 50-cents each and then because I purchased two Hershey products I received a dollar register reward (to be used on a future purchase). The cashier said I could do the deal a second time so I was able to double my bargain and ended up only having to pay tax, which was 16-cents so my candy bars cost me 4-cents each!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I only have half a bar left from my bargain.. I try so hard to only break off a piece a day to make them last longer :)

Texas Mom said...

My goodness, I need to get off my rump and start saving money! Good deal for you!

Melissa said...

Lucky! I went to 5 different wags looking for those - never found any :(

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