Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Lots

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the archives of a "new to me" blog. During my reading I came across a write up about Big Lots and the good deal this person had found on canned organic tomatoes.My first thought was "wow"; I had been to Big Lots in the past but was never impressed. However, after reading the write-up I decided to check out my local store once again and see what I could find.
Well, my first visit was pretty much as expected; prices were OK but not anything special. Then, today I decided to check out the store again and guess what I found?
That's right, a great deal on small cans of peaches and mixed fruit. These are just the right size for Jonathan to carry in his backpack to go with his lunch.
My local United Supermarket sells the same fruit for $1.29 per can.


Bliss said...

Hi Patty!

Great deal on the canned fruit! Did they have much left on the shelves? Was it the Indiana Big Lots? Thanks for all you share on your blog - fun to read! I loved your huge cucumber! I haven't braved a garden in Lubbock yet.... but did freeze lots of pumpkin (much easier than canning) that a friend gave me.

QuiltedSimple said...

I do all my shopping at Aldi's, Save a Lot and Big Lots. If I work it right, I can go to 1 store a week during the month, and then have 1 week free of grocery shopping other than picking up milk. I think when I last checked we spent $105 a month on groceries just by shopping at those 3 stores.

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