Thursday, October 15, 2009


Bunuelos is a fried pastry that is coated with a glaze. I thought this pastry would be fun to make, while studying Mexico, because in Mexico it is made at Christmas time and sold on the streets by Food Vendors. The pastry is served on broken or defective dishes and when you finish your pastry you are to smash the dish on the ground.
I was disappointed in the pastry; it turned out lightly sweet and very sticky instead of crispy as I had expected it to be. I found the recipe in a cookbook I purchased used years ago. Until yesterday the only recipe I had tried from the book was red sauce, which turned out fine.
Since I am not sure the kids in the geography co-op will like the Bunuelos I decided to make a second pastry, sopapillas. A friend told me how to make these using a flour tortilla recipe.I think the kids are going to really love today's snack!


Anonymous said...

I love sopapillas!!!
I'm sure they will enjoy them.

Texas Mom said...

Interesting tradition to break the dishes. I've been meaning to make sopapilla's, but have discovered my artisan bread tastes just as good fresh from the oven, hot butter, and drizzled honey!!

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