Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homemade Hash Browns

Recently I was reading the blog Life as Mom where there is a section called The Ultimated Recipe Swap. What makes this swap fun and different are themes; each swap pertains to one type of cooking and this week the theme is "Breakfast".

My contribution to the swap is Homemade Hash browns.

Begin by peeling the skin on your potato;
And grating it.
Add small amount of oil to your skillet;
And the potatoes; sprinkling with salt and pepper at this time.
Cover and cook until brown on one side;
Flip to brown the other side.
This morning I served the hash browns with eggs, bacon and homemade bread.
Homemade hash browns are a perfect addition to breakfast.


SnoWhite said...

love these! they are excellent made in a george forman too, if you have one!

heartnsoulcooking said...

Love homemade hash browns. I still make them them that way.

Ann said...

I love to add onion to them, too! Your plate makes me hungry!

Jennifer Sikora said...

I make these all the time!

They are delicious!!

Texas Mom said...

Hmmm... someone mentioned the George Foreman grill... I'll have to dust mine and give that one a try.

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