Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicken Coop Remodel

At the beginning of October Pat began remodeling the chicken coop. Large branches, from our own trees, were used for the posts. I love how rustic they look.
After the post were in place and the roof framed the south wall was removed.
At this point the chicken house began looking like a stable;
And the chickens spent a few nights sleeping in the open.
Next the walls, window and door was framed;
And metal walls were put in place. The roof even has insulation.
New nesting boxes are now in place;
And the floor has cotton burrs scattered throughout.
The chickens like their newly remodeled home but we still lack their roosts, putting wire over the window and adding a door.


7 D's said...

It looks awsome, Good Job Pat!!

Texas Mom said...

Very nice. I worked on my coop today too. Still need to do finishing touches tomorrow. I built them a pen to run in.

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