Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Bargain

Along with the traditional candy bargains I normally buy after Halloween, this year I found some clothing bargains. For my nephew I found this cute t-shirt for 39-cents. (Eva, look for it in your Christmas package.)
For Elizabeth I found a cute orange pumpkin t-shirt for 49-cents...
And a black pumpkin t-shirt for 49-cents...
And a pair of polka dot pants for 59-cents; both t-shirts match these pants perfectly.
I love it when I find new items at the store for "garage sale" prices!


Anonymous said...

Great prices!! several years ago I found orange shirts that fit me.. those she can wear all through the fall season.

Packrat said...

Super bargains! Years ago, right after Halloween I found a really nice Halloween sweater for next to nothing. I wear it every year. Bargains are so much fun.

In the picture of the pants, I didn't even see the pants at first. My eyes went directly to the patterns. lol

QuiltedSimple said...

I love bargains on kids clothes! They grow so fast....Children's Place is great for 3.97 deals - and their clothes hold up really, really well

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