Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Puff Ball Cuties

It's the wrong season for newly hatched chicks but we had two hens so determined to hatch eggs that we finally gave in and let them each have 8 eggs a piece. On Thursday the eggs began hatching; out of 16 eggs we ended up with 9 new chicks.
Three eggs didn't hatch and I think a raccoon may have feasted on some of them as I had noticed something had been in the pen recently.


Enid said...

awww just too adorable!

Packrat said...

Ditto the awww. But, then they grow up. Actually, I don't mind hens too much, but I'm not overly fond of roosters. When I used to have to gather eggs, I especially didn't like having to watch for snakes in the nests. I know that having snakes wasn't the chickens' fault, but it was just one more thing that invited the snakes to come and visit.

Anonymous said...

Their so cute!!!
and I'm jealous :>

Texas Mom said...

Sweeeeet!!! I'll be blogging about my hens today. They are growing fast and I've contemplated letting some hatch, but I can only have up to 10 chickens in town! :(

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