Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Pizza Stone

I tried using a pizza stone for the first time yesterday.
The outer edge was crispy but the underside was soft and not brown in any way.


Packrat said...

Hmmm, I have two that I've never used. So glad to know this. (One was a gift.) Did you heat the stone first? The directions on mine (just happens to be in front of me!) says to slowly preheat oven and stone to 450 degrees and then quickly transfer the ready pizza to the stone. Doesn't sound easy at all. Actually, it sounds like a good way to get burned. Maybe I'll try baking bread on them instead.

Pat aka Posh said...

Hmm did you heat the stone first? I read that the stone needs to be very hot before using it.

Texas Mom said...

Yes, u have to heat the stone first, and I thought about buying one, but decided to use my cookie sheets instead for my artisan breads, which work just fine.

Annette said...

Hi, I've never commented before, but had to comment on this.
I LOVE my stoneware--and I use it whenever I can--cookies, breads, pizza, etc. You probably didn't leave it in the oven long enough. You cannot burn the bottom on a stone. I've gotten some really, really, really brown bottomed cookies,(forgotten in the oven for a long time) but never burned.
And I've never pre-heated my stones either, as a matter of fact, you're not supposed to pre-heat the pampered chef ones.

I suggest trying again. Be sure to cook in the middle of the oven and don't be afraid to play around with the oven temp a bit. Also, as the stone seasons(gets a brown patina from use) it cooks better. Just remember to never wash it with soap. Happy baking!

QuiltedSimple said...

I love my stones (I have 3) and I use them for everything. A pain until they get seasoned, but heat them up first and then they are wonderful

Ann said...

I have to agree with everything Annette said, I LOVE my stones, too. I have 2 flat ones(one round and one rectangle), along with probably a dozen or more other pieces of various shapes and sizes, including a stone cupcake pan. I have not baked a biscuit or cookie on a metal pan in YEARS until I baked cookies at mother in laws house last week, and let me tell you, I MISSED my stones! I also love the fact that when I make pizza on my stone, it stays warm longer. Don't give up on it! A good way to help season it is to bake canned biscuits on it. I also love to roll out crescent dough to make a veggie pizza crust and the crescent dough also helps to season it.

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