Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crochet Project

Sometime back my mom sent me and my sister some knitted dishcloths; after the red dishcloth turned my water red I put them away and didn't think about them anymore...until now.Why now?
After reading about crochet dishcloths over and over again in the blog world I decided to make my own crochet dishcloth.
It was easy and quick to make and when I tried it on my dishes last night I was very pleased with how well it work!


Packrat said...

I love knitted and crocheted dish clothes. A couple of mine are "ancient".

Anonymous said...

That is all I have used for about 6 years now. I have given all my family some- but since I am the only one WITHOUT a dishwasher ( oh, wait, that would be me!) I use them alot more than my sisters do. Hope you enjoy yours. I use the all cotton.
Linda Kay

Anonymous said...

Once I started using them I've tossed my bought ones out.. or rather I used them up as rags then tossed them. The knitted/crochet ones last longer and work better.

Texas Mom said...

I use mom's for hotpads. They work great for me.

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