Tuesday, December 29, 2009

King Quilt pt. 8

Now that Christmas is over I have begun working on the King Quilt once again. The quilt was too big to hang fully on the clothesline without dragging the ground so 4-rows are draped over the line.My next step is to find a place large enough for me to spread the quilt top out so I can add the batting and backing. Maybe the library will let me borrow one of their rooms?...I'll have to ask them.


belinda said...

Oh wow....you are already to the
sandwiching part!! Way to go girl!!
This is a great quilt....I assume
you will be machine quilting it

Packrat said...

Looks so colorful and "happy". :)

Enid said...

Nice Patty!! wow, what a job I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

It sure turned out pretty and you're a brave girl to be quilting it yourself

Jennifer Sikora said...

Thanks for the tip on the wheat gluten! I will have to get me some :)

Texas Mom said...

How do you plan to wash that and is it for your bed?

QuiltedSimple said...

very pretty

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