Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

Today has been a wonderful relaxing day of watching Christmas shows and movies. Once the wind died down we noticed our 3-foot drift had grown to almost 5-feet.With no wind blowing the kids were able to play for a second time outside and had a fun snowball fight; poor Elizabeth didn't have a chance against brother.
After supper Elizabeth opened her traditional Christmas Eve package and really loved her nightgown. This is the first year I didn't make Jonathan a traditional Christmas Eve gift; he's just too big/old for fun stuff.
I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, Elizabeth is so excited about opening up gifts and I am looking forward to a second day of doing nothing but watching more shows/movies and reading.

1 comment:

Packrat said...

Glad Elizabeth liked her nightie!

Heavens! I didn't know you had a son. (I guess I've never gone back and looked at your older posts.) Curious - how many years difference between these two? My son (oldest) is 9-1/2 years older than his sister - who is my baby. She just turned 23. Blink twice and Elizabeth will be that age. Sigh

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