Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raggedy Ann

Now that the majority of my Christmas Goodies are cooked and packaged up and on their way to various homes I have time for some Christmas sewing. First on the list was Elizabeth's Raggedy Ann doll. Working on the hair was a chore.
The pattern directions suggest sewing the hair on by hand but I was afraid the hair would eventually come out so I stitched the hair on with my machine.
Once all the hair was attached to the back of the head it reminded me of a dust mop.
Next came the legs, they turned out so cute! I used a soft corduroy for the foot/shoe and really like how it came out; the corduroy fabric is so soft.
After attaching the legs and arms and adding the stuffing the doll began looking pretty good. Here she is waiting for her clothing.
My favorite part of the Raggedy Ann is this heart; it's too cute!
And here she is fully dressed and ready to be wrapped up.
I originally wanted to make a green calico dress but didn't have any green fabric on hand so I used this blue and beige calico instead. I don't think Elizabeth will mind.


Anonymous said...

She turned out cute!! The dress color doesn't matter.. you can always make more clothes for her later for B day gifts.

Firesong said...

She is absolutely precious. It brings back so many memories. My Mom made an Ann and Andy for me when I was little and I loved them so.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Texas Mom said...

Wow, Patty. That looks better than store bought! You should sell these on Etsy. Great job!

Packrat said...

Very cute. Miss Elizabeth is sure to love her (and you for making her). :)

Enid said...

YAY Ms Patty!! so cute!!

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