Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Bad Weather Day

When we have bad weather I prefer to take Jonathan to his classes so he doesn't have to search for parking and then walk a great distance in the ice and snow. With today being a "bad weather day" I had Elizabeth gather up her books so we could do her school work at the library.
It's always fun having school at the library;
Today we were able to watch the snow from one of the big windows while working.


Enid said...

You are such a god momma!

Packrat said...

Yes, you are a great mom! A change of scenery is good for all students, just much more difficult when there is a whole classroom full of them. :)

Also, I think you have been getting all of our snow. Sorry. ;)

Isn't amazing that students have to walk forever to get to their classes? Not that it is bad that they walk. Just that permits cost a fortune, and then they still can't find parking places within any reasonable distance. (It's really hard on us moms/grandmas when we go to visit campus. Daughter's campus isn't flat.)

Melissa said...

I have Tyler using Abeka math too! We are in Arithmetic 1 though. And, I read that Beverly Lewis book too - I really like her books.

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