Monday, January 4, 2010

Collecting Coupons

Finding coupons has been a challenge ever since our local Sunday Paper went from 1-dollar to 2-dollars an issue. If I am going to pay for a paper is has to pay for itself plus some or I just do without. However, doing without coupons has caused me to miss some great bargains so I have been dabbling in buying coupons through e-bay. Recently I purchased some Kraft Cheese coupons for the cost of 1-dollar for 20-coupons. When my local double coupon grocery store had a sale on Kraft Cheese (2-dollars a package) I was able to buy 16-count packages of cheese for 1-dollar per package (after my 50-cent coupon doubled to 1-dollar). The savings on cheese more than paid for the 1-dollar I spent for the coupons.
Another great deal I recently found was for Welch's 100-percent juice; these were selling at a local store for 1-dollar each. My coupon was for 1-dollar off 2 bottles of juice any size. My final cost was 50-cents a bottle; these will work perfect for when we bring lunch to town.
Our local Wal-Mart store had orange juice (originally 3.12 for 64-ounces) on roll-back for 2.88; I had 1-dollar coupons so the final cost was 1.88 per carton.
I took a chance and purchased some Wolf Brand Chili coupons that were going to expire on the 31st of Dec. The coupons arrived on Monday the 28th and I used them on Tuesday the 29th; thankfully my double coupon store had the chili on sale that week and I was able to get several cans for 50-cents each.
We love to snack on nuts and normally buy the "off brand" when they go on sale; but thanks to some 1-dollar coupons I was able to get Planters for 2-dollars a can.
Buying coupons through e-bay is working out pretty well but there is a drawback; I feel obligated to use "all the coupons" so I do not waist them! I guess I better begin sharing coupons with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Doing all right with your couponing

Packrat said...

You are lucky. :)

Here, I couldn't take the coupons in and use them like you did. Also, the ones that expired right away - our stores wouldn't take them. I'm thinking that this is because the local stores aren't big enough and don't get enough coupons to make it worth their effort to honor them???

Anyway, I truly have more luck just shopping the ads and using in-store coupons. But, I am glad that you can use them.

Oh - would you want your readers to save coupons for you and mail them to you? I don't get many, but if a few of us all did it... Just a thought.

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