Monday, January 25, 2010

King Quilt pt. 9

Last week as I was gathering all my supplies for pinning the quilt I realised my quilt back wasn't big enough! I had found a wonderful king size flat sheet that was perfect for the quilt back but now I have a dilemma;Should I add a piece of fabric to the sheet, remove one row of blocks, or search once again for a second sheet and hope to find 2-pieces so I can piece the back in the same fabric? Hummm, by the time I finish this quilt it just might be summer!


Packrat said...

I'm not a quilter, nor am I very good with color or design. But, could you insert a strip of coordinating fabric between the main sheet design and the border? (I can't see the other side do don't know if it is the same or not.) Or, would that look too much like "oh, yah, the back wasn't big enough"? Could you trim the sheet and put a border all the way around? I really like that sheet! :)

Helen said...

Well, I can't answer your quilt question as I'm not a quilter either, but I LOVE that sheet!! I want to buy me a set that looks like that!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the sheet!! I'd go searching for a piece of maroon colored fabric with a tiny print and border the sheet with it. the tiny print would keep it from being too noticeable.

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