Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ballet Recital

For the past 3 years Elizabeth had been taking dance lessons from a family operated ballet school; but due to their prices slowly going up and the very short recital parts the students were given we decided to leave. Elizabeth was so sad having to give up dance but thankfully a friend told me of a young girl who taught ballet and by January Elizabeth was taking lessons once again.
The new teacher has been teaching dance, as well as choreographing recitals, since she was 10-years old! (She is currently 15.) Elizabeth really likes her new teacher and I must say today was the best recital Elizabeth has ever been in!
The recital was performed twice with a reception after each performance; our contribution to the reception was covered pretzels and banana bread.
Today was so perfect, all the little girls had a blast dressing up in fun costumes and dancing on stage. I'm not sure who was more excited, the little girls or the mothers taking pictures of the little girls!


Packrat said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. So glad Elizabeth can take lessons again. (Those music/dance lessons do get expensive, don't they?)

Helen said...

Very pretty! Her outfit looked a little Middle Eastern.

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