Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late Breakfast or Early Lunch

Yesterday I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to go to Denny's for their Free Grand Slam Breakfast...she said "no" because it was too cold to stand outside for an hour.
After a little encouragement, and listing all the items that would be on her plate, she agreed.
We left the house without eating anything and arrived at Denny's by 10:30...poor Elizabeth was "starving" when we were seated at our table...and she just may have been starving because she ate her food faster than I did!
Our total money spent was a 3-dollar tip...our waitress was so very nice and so very stressed out from her very hectic morning! Our total time waiting to be seated was around 30-minutes and thankfully we were able to wait indoors where it was warm.


Helen said...

Boy that looks good! Since I've been on my diet, I've been CRAVING pancakes! Once we're on our trip, I'm OFF the diet! Guess I better rummage me up some bacon and eggs now! :P

Packrat said...

You are brave to even think of going for a free meal. :)

QuiltedSimple said...

you are so brave. but now you have me thinking that i ought to do that one day when the kids have a snow day......might help with the bickering

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a long wait at all.. I've stood in line longer then that for a paid meal.. it sure did look good too

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