Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Foxfire Books

A recent conversation with my mom got me to thinking about "The Foxfire Books". If you have any interest in learning back to basic ways these books are a great starting place.
We currently have 6 of the 12 books available; each book is packed with information.
Someday I hope to make a crazy quilt just like this one.
I remember making a reed basket in school; we soaked the reed in water to make it soft enough to weave. I like how this book shows a basket being made with wide narrow strips of reed; the lady making the basket sure knew what she was doing.
As long as I can remember I have wanted to have a dipper gourd.
I plan to grow some in the garden this year so I can enjoy a nice sip of cool water on a hot summer day.
In one of the books you can learn how to repair your own shoes. I'm not sure if this technique would come in handy in today's world since so many of our shoes are made with plastic.
I wish we lived in an area with lots of trees so we could make homemade shingles to go on a shed or storeroom. I have always liked how they look when the wood turns grey.
If you like moonshine one of the books tells how to make a homemade still.
Pat's aunt used to make candied watermelon rind but I never heard of pickled watermelon.
If you like music one of the books shows how to make a banjo and even a dulcimer.
When I was growing up we used to make and play on stilts all the time. We also used to attach a string handle to cans and walk on the cans. I so need to make some of these for Elizabeth.
My grandma used to make dolls out of old wrinkled apples. These bring back fun memories.
I love browsing the pages of these books and getting inspired to make something!


Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time, where have you been for a week? We have missed you. We don't know about the chickens, the cooking, the weather, the garden. My whole week has been "off" not having episodes of "Down on the Farm in West Texas"

Packrat said...

Thanks for posting about these books. I think there might be some around here someplace. I just didn't know what they were. Will keep my eyes open for them.

Enid said...

great books!! Wow I want to try the cans thing too!

Anonymous said...

I did a search for those books and found several resources for used ones at reasonable prices.. I can't imagine anyone being willing to sell their copies.. their good reading.

Heather said...

These books look awesome! Great ideas. Thanks for the suggestions; I'll have to find them.

QuiltedSimple said...

I think Todd has every single one of those books - i'll have to go on a hunt through his stuff to find them. Thanks so much for the reminder!

Helen said...

I used to get these from the library and read through them. I think it was around the time we first started volunteering at Pioneer Farms. Gosh, hard to believe it's been more than 6 years!!

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