Saturday, April 17, 2010

Homemade Strawberry Syrup

We have had some wonderful rain the past couple of days which has produced cool temperatures. Add to this 2-gallon size bags of sliced frozen strawberries and you have the makings of a wonderful day in the kitchen.

First on my list....strawberry jelly! I love strawberry jelly but I do not like biting into a berry; instead I prefer the jelly to be smooth. In the past I would mash the berries with a potato masher but this time I put the berries in my food processor; it worked perfectly!

While cooking the jelly I got to thinking how the pureed berries made me think of syrup. I love strawberry syrup! A quick Internet search produced....NOTHING!!!!! Well, nothing that sounded like normal syrup to me. So, I decided I would try making up my own recipe......My oh my was it ever a success! I doubled the Sure-Jell recipe used for making the jelly and only added one pouch of powdered pectin to the recipe. I cooked it just like jelly and the end result was a perfect thick wonderful tasting strawberry syrup!

When my day in the kitchen was over I had 7-jars (8 oz size) of jelly and 6-pints of syrup. All the canning has me excited about the upcoming canning season.


Anonymous said...

It all looks yummy! Reminds me of when I use to make fruit syrup for you kids.

Helen said...

Wow, that looks good!

Ann said...

I was just telling Mark tonight that not only will we have the berries from our strawberry patch, but maybe the berries from my neighbors, too, as she will be away when they ripen. I told him I'd have to make some strawberry I'm thinking syrup sounds good, too! YUMMY.

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