Monday, April 19, 2010

A Morning Walk

With all the rain we have had water is sitting everywhere.I especially like how it collected in this old tank; Elizabeth wanted to play in it but I had to say "no", it's just too chilly.
I love this big old Mulberry tree;
It is loaded with berries!
Flowers are popping up everywhere.
Our flock of roosters are getting a slow start this year but now that they are in the larger portable pen they seem to be doing better.
This bush sits next to the windmill and old well house. At one point I thought it was going to die but this year I am amazed at how well it is doing.
The bush has the prettiest flowers.
One of our setting hens has hatched some chicks.
This is Boots! Every time we go to the chicken yard she comes along.
Out in the garden our carrots are finally growing! We had to re-plant them and I was afraid we wouldn't have any this year.
We planted lettuce in a nice even row and when it began coming up we noticed it scattered here and there; it seems the wind scattered some of the seeds. I'm not complaining...I'm just watching where I walk and hoe while in the garden.
Our onions are doing very well and makes me wish I liked green onions. When I was growing up my mom always cooked green onions in eggs for breakfast. Jonathan is the only one of us who likes green onions.
This year we managed to plant our potatoes early; they are doing very well.
Our radishes are now up; we had to plant these a second time like the carrots. The first radishes died for some unknown reason.
If everything continues to flourish out in the garden I think we may be eating fresh salad very soon.


Enid said...

I have one sitting hen...but then my rooster is gone with the wind...! poor thing...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour.. I enjoyed it.
For two days now I've been chowing down on fresh salad greens from my garden.. today I had those chicken strips on my salad with ranch dressing.. it was yummy

Helen said...

Enjoyed the pictures and Elizabeth's hair is so pretty.

Ann said...

That was fun....felt like I took the walk with you! I agree with Helen, Elizabeth has gorgeous hair.

Rachel E. said...

Okay, just skimming through your old posts on animals. I am admiring the hair on your daughter. Wow is it long.

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