Sunday, April 11, 2010

Piano Recital Practice

In May Elizabeth has her first piano recital; she will play a song titled Spring Festival.

It's exciting how quickly Elizabeth is learning; she just started piano lessons in January!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth great job!! ((hugs))
she looks so adorable playing.. she'll have to play mine when you all visit...

Packrat said...

Great job, Miss Elizabeth. I'm so glad your mom posted this. You must enjoy playing, because you are quite advanced for just starting to take lessons. Looking forward to hear more from you. :)

Hint, if you have trouble with your legs or feet going to sleep, put a footstool or a pile of books (be sure to ask which ones you can use) under your feet.

When I was first learning to play, I was so small for my age that I had to sit on books so that I could reach the keyboard. lol

Helen said...

She did a great job! Are you raising the next Crystal Gayle?

Pamela's been practicing her books all summer so she won't be rusty when she starts back up this Fall on piano. You are so lucky you have Jonathan to help tutor! I'm wanting to learn too and hoping Pamela can teach me when she advances.

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