Friday, April 30, 2010

Sort of a Sewing Failure

When I am taking Elizabeth to her various activities I usually bring along handwork or a book to occupy myself. Lately I have been working on crochet and decided I needed a pouch for my crochet hooks. However, I decided to "make it up as you go" and my pouch didn't come out as I had pictured.
The outside of the pouch came out fine, I used a crazy quilt design that I like a lot.
I quilted the block to batting so the pouch would have body but it wasn't as sturdy as I had hoped.
The inside turned out pretty good except I made the pouch too tall.
My favorite part of the pouch is this small pocket I added for my tapestry needle and hairpin.
I plan to make a second pouch but this time I will add a flap to keep the hooks in place, use a stiff interfacing instead of batting and make it shorter. I'm thinking this pouch may hold knitting needles so it may not be a complete failure.


Enid said...

NEat, love it!! Master Cheese (rooster) is doing very well!! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Nice job.. I made one and its too short LOL

belinda said...

Well I think it's pretty cute Patty!....LOL...momma too short...daughter to it that way in real life???

Ann said...

lol, maybe you girls should send me your measurements since I've been thinking of making one of these. That way, I can split the difference and make mine JUST RIGHT! hehe....Yours is cute, though, Patty!

Helen said...

U did a good job! I have all my crochet hooks in a pencil holder mixed in with markers, pencils, and craft scissors. I need a pouch like that too, but too lazy to make one.

Packrat said...

That is really neat. Love the crazy quilt.

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