Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coupon Tip

My notebook system is working well for my coupons with one small problem. The baseball card pages are sometimes too small for over sized coupons.
To solve this problem I took a page protector and divided it into 3 sections and stitched the dividing lines on my sewing machine.
I then took scissors and carefully cut a slit in each section.
My oversize coupons, as well as my printable coupons, now fit better and are easier to see.
Sewing the page protectors took a little time but was well worth it.


Packrat said...

What a great idea. This would work for photographs, too, wouldn't it?

Saw your comment about Swe*et Ba*by Ray's sauce. We bought some at Costco. I don't know what you mean by sweet or regular, but we like it for when I don't want to take time to make my own sauce. One thing to note, tho, is that we're not very picky about BBQ sauce.

Anonymous said...

Clever idea Patty.. thought you said you're not creative :-)
Sweet Baby Ray is just the guys name.. the BBQ sauce comes in all flavors as other brands do.. to us, its one of the best brands on the market but everyone has their own taste.. when you're here you will get an opportunity to try it because we have several bottles in the pantry.

Enid said...

You amazed me averytime Patty, you should patent this!!

Ann said...

GREAT idea!!

Helen said...

Thanks for the pointer. We have a ton of sleeves like this and I never thought of SEWING them!

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