Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hidden Tomatoes

This morning I managed to move half of the tomato plants into the garden...poor little things, they look so pitiful when first moved.
Last week, while pulling weeds, we noticed some of the weeds looked like tomatoes and upon closer inspection we discovered they were tomatoes! We have one very large tomato plant growing in the middle of the carrots;
Several plants growing in the onions;
Another very large tomato plant growing in between two lettuce plants;
A tomato plant growing beside the spinach;
And beside the broccoli;
And a small tomato plant just beginning to grow right next to a turnip.
Apparently when the chickens took over the garden last year they scattered tomato seeds everywhere. But that's OK with me, it's exciting discovering them in unexpected places!


Packrat said...

If they all bear, you'll lots and lots of tomatoes. Maybe them coming on a little staggered is a good thing, too.

Anonymous said...

Usually a seed that comes up on its own is more sturdy then the ones you plant.

Helen said...

Ummm... this puts new meaning to companion gardening!! How NEAT! I agree too that "wild" plants are the most sturdiest. You should see the "wild" sunflower plant in my yard. It's almost a tree.

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