Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden or Weed Patch

When we got home from vacation I dreaded going out to see the garden; it was so full of weed and still is in some places. We pulled enough to fill the wheel barrel 3-times.

Here are my green beans that are growing in between the potatoes. The weeds are so high and thick it is impossible to see the green bean plants.The weeds were so big in the onions that when I was pulling up the weeds some of the onions came up too.
In this photo you can see just how tall the weeds are standing next to the carrots.
However, while pulling weeds we did manage some enjoyment.
The next day I went out and pulled a few more carrots and a couple of onions for dinner.
I placed them on a steak and baked at 350.
Just before the steak was fully cooked I added some of the potatoes I canned last year (I forgot to take a photo). Goodness, this was the best steak I have ever fixed.

Now I am ready to tackle the rest of the weeds in the garden!


Enid said...

hey that looks like my garden too...is out of crontrol and my eyes are huge with the allergies...!

Helen said...

I too dread pulling my weeds. I can barely see my watermelons now. Your steak looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

That steak does look delicious!!
and Elizabeth reminds me of a rabbit taking a bite from the carrot :-)

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