Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carrot Cake

While talking to my mom this morning about cakes the idea for making a carrot cake popped in my mind. The garden is producing a lot of carrots right now and we have been feasting on them daily.
It took quite a few carrots to fill 3 cups. I have always thought grated carrots look a lot like grated cheese.
The first time I made carrot cake it turned out wonderful, very rich and moist, but for some reason I cannot remember where I found the first recipe.
Today's cake turned out fine, not as good as I wanted but still good enough to eat. I might just have to keep trying, especially since we have so many carrots right now!


Anonymous said...

OH MY but that looks good!!!
and nice big carrots too..
I guess I'll be cooking mine for dinner tonight.. Jo just called and said they were on the way over for dinner and Matt to work on the cabinets.

Helen said...

Looks good to me, and think about how much that cake would be worth if u used 14 carots to make it!! =)

trillium said...

Did your carrot pieces turn green from the baking soda? Mine did.

nicoledemana said...

this looks mighty fine ;0) carrot cake is one of my favs quick and easy to make freezes superb and it;s suppost to be better for the waist line than other cakes (depends on how many slices you have lol)you are one amazing lady keep up the brill job and thanks for sharing ttfn Nicole UK

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