Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cooking an Older Chicken

The old mean rooster turned out to be too big for my pressure cooker; so I had to cut him up. At first I thought I would need to cook half now and half later but when I removed the lower rack in my pan he fit fine. Just look at how dark the meat is!
My instruction book says to cook a chicken at 10-pounds for 30 to 35 minutes. I cooked my chicken at 10-pounds for 45 minutes and then let the pan cool down almost completely before removing the lid.
The broth that came from the chicken is some of the best ever. The cooked meat was so tempting that Pat ate one of the leg quarters right away. Just look at how long the leg bone is; I have never seen a chicken leg this long.
The flavor is wonderful but the meat, as expected, is tough. I'm not sure if cooking the chicken longer would have done any good; the bones break apart pretty well but the meat was hard to pull off the bones.


Packrat said...

If the meat fell off the bones, I don't think the meat would have gotten any more tender. It probably would have gotten stringy and tasteless. That ol' rooster made good broth, so he was worth quite a bit. Do you make broth to freeze for later use?

Anonymous said...

bet it would make some good chicken salad when chopped up

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