Monday, August 16, 2010

Giving Up

My garden is no longer a's a weed patch!I watched this cabbage grow, just waiting for the right time to pick it.
When we got home from Dallas I planned to make some coleslaw with fresh cabbage and fresh carrots; sadly it didn't happen...the cabbage was rotten.
I did find a few cherry tomatoes.
I have decided to give up on the garden this year, even if I had the time to cut down the weeds I don't think it would be worth it. The bugs have taken over and everything is so pitiful looking.


Anonymous said...

What a shame.. but the same thing has happened to my gardening.. not weeds, just too much sun..
it's been too hot for too long and its about killed everything.

Helen Ruth said...

I feel your pain! And that was a gorgeous cabbage plant! Will you be trying for a winter garden?

Packrat said...

That is sad, but it happens when one can't be there to take care of it. Even then, it can sometimes become too big of chore.

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