Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nearing The End

So far my favorite place to see/visit has been downtown Plano; it's so charming. I was very surprised to see apartment buildings everywhere. This building reminded me so much of an apartment building you might see in a movie. I loved how it felt standing near it and walking down the street. It would have been fun to go in and see what one of the apartments looked like.Many years ago, more than 20, we lived in Carrollton; what I remembered the most was downtown. It still has the gazebo with shops outlining the square.
During one of our sightseeing drives I spotted a business with the word "bread" in the title. Hum, bread...yum, I just had to go check it out.
For presentation I give it an A+ but for taste...a big fat F...I was so disappointed! We ordered a cinnamon roll but it had too much cinnamon and wasn't fluffy like I expected. We also ordered an orange flavored scone; it was dry and flavorless. Both items ended up being thrown away...such a waist of money!
We learned about a museum that sounded very exciting. I pictured spending the morning walking around looking at fun old antiques and exploring buildings. Nope, it was very small. While the place had several buildings to look at most of it didn't make since. We spent less than 30-minutes checking everything out.
Our trip to the big, big city is almost over and I am looking forward to getting back home. I have really enjoyed being so close to everything; a quick run to here or there only takes 5-minutes! But no matter how nice it is having so much nearby, I still like country living the most.


Ann said...

Patty, they make excellent bagels, though! And I love their sandwiches, too.

Anonymous said...

We have those bread companies here too.. their soup and sandwiches are delicious but I agree with you, their baked good isn't all that good.

Helen Ruth said...

I've thrown out food like that before too. Looks good, but doesn't taste up!!

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