Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sort of Back to School

The traditional back to school doesn't really pertain to us since we school year around. However, back to school tends to be the start of our co-op group and our co-op group usually has a monthly field trip. This year the first field trip was to the apple orchard.There were several dogs running around the orchard and when they got hot you could find them wading in the pond. The kids were so excited to play with the dogs.
One of the best parts about picking apples is eating them! Gala apples are my favorite so I made sure to fill my bag half way with them and I also gathered a tart apple so I could make a pie.
It's so fun walking down row after row of trees.
Part of the field trip included a hay ride. There were too many kids to fit on the wagon so we ended up with 3 different hay rides.
We had around 150 people gather for a morning of fun. The kids were excited to see friends they hadn't seen all summer and the parents were able to catch up on visiting as well.


Enid said...

What a wonderful day, I keep looking at pictures in FB of others moms...!

Packrat said...

Sounds like fun! Even though you do schooling year around, it probably helps define a beginning. So, here's to a wonderful new school year!

Ann said...

Looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to visit one of our orchards.. and maybe make a fresh apple pie

Helen Ruth said...

I would have enjoyed that field trip!

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