Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Blue Bowl

Yesterday, after Elizabeth's piano lesson, I decided to visit some antique stores instead of going straight home to finish Elizabeth's closet; shopping just seemed like more fun.
Seldom do I buy, normally I just window shop but yesterday I found a "just had to have" enamel pan. I love these so. Over the years I have picked up a few here and there but this is the cheapest one I have ever seen.
$7.50! On e-bay I saw one slightly smaller in light blue for $29.99 plus $10 shipping.
I use enamel pans for washing dishes, cleaning garden produce and to just look at.


Packrat said...

Wow, that is in excellent condition! Usually, they are all banged up and have rust spots. And, yes, shopping is so much more fun than cleaning. :)

Ann said...

Very nice! Great shape, great condition, and a great price, too.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I'd like to have an enamel coffee pot.. the kind that percolates.

Helen Ruth said...

That is really nice and I would have purchased it too! What would you had done if you had been using it for a long time and then one day you turned it over and read the words - BEDPAN!! ?? ;-)

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