Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elizabeth's Quilt pt. 1

Here is the beginning of Elizabeth's quilt; assorted pink clothing just washed and blowing in the wind.
This is my favorite fabric so far.
I still need to find a few more darker pinks before starting; it's been a challenge to find pink clothing not made from knit fabric.


Anonymous said...

So far its a great assortment.. I never thought about how hard it would be to find none knit fabric but I bet it is. okay, should I dig through my closet? I can keep an eye out and save things for your March visit.. unless you plan to have the quilt done before then?

Ann said...

Ok, gotta ask. What piece of clothing was made from the bottom fabric? Love the colors, though!

belinda said...

I can already see that Elizabeth's quilt is going to be wonderful!!!

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