Tuesday, October 12, 2010

King Quilt.....The Finish

I have now fully completed the king quilt and it feels wonderful.
For the binding I used more strips from shirts and stitched them together in a mixed matched fashion so when it was stitched on the binding became some what variegated.
While quilting I used one full cone of thread and the start of a second cone; each cone has 3000 yards of thread and this doesn't count all the thread used for stitching the strips together in the beginning.
When I first started this project I had hoped to spend $25 or less on all my supplies; but I went over budget. The shirts alone ran $26 plus $3 for the sheets, and an undetermined amount for the thread and the batting. I was originally planning to use warm and natural cotton batting but at the last minute I decided to use up some poly batting that I have had for several years in the top of the closet.
My next quilt project will be for Elizabeth. The request was made a couple of weeks ago for one made from pink fabrics. Oh how she loves pink!


julieQ said...

OH, how gorgeous this quilt is! You did such a beautiful job...so wonderful! Those plaids just whisper warm wintertime to me!

Ann said...

WOW, amazing! And you can't complain about the price! Not often you can do a king size quilt for that! GORGEOUS! What pattern you doing for Elizabeth's quilt? I'm working on a quilt for Grace's big girl bed. Just haven't got around to taking any pics.

Helen Ruth said...

Very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats it's very pretty

belinda said...

WOOOO HOOOO! Well, I think this should count as MORE than one finish since it is king size!!! It looks comfy and fabulous Patty!!! And one done in pinks would be oh so sweet!!!

p.s. what shop is going out of business.....???? that one out on west 19th past the loop????

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