Monday, October 25, 2010

More Bread Dough Fun

I remember, many years ago, trying to make yeast doughnuts but I do not remember how they turned out.Most of the time when I make doughnuts I use canned biscuits but I wanted to make a doughnut that tasted similar to a bakery doughnut.
So, using my recipe for white bread I gave it a try; and boy was it a success!
The doughnuts turned out soft, warm and so very good. I am looking forward to making these again and trying them with a powdered sugar icing and perhaps a chocolate icing.


Anonymous said...

Darn! You know I've been craving doughnuts :-)
BTW I did start some bread dough a bit ago.. not sure what all I'll do with it, still on the tired side.

Ann said...

You're making me hungry!

Helen Ruth said...

Those look yummy! I keep tell'n everyone I'm going to make homemade donuts. Maybe I'll surprise everyone one morning after Thanksgiving...

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