Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feeding A Crowd

In one of our co-op groups the kids have been learning manners and at our next get together we will be eating a 4-course meal during our lunch hour. My contribution to the meal will be soup, not just a crock pot of soup but a stock pot of soup.Thank goodness I have several jars of canned potatoes sitting on my shelves. However, I did have to peel each potato section since I wasn't sure everyone would want skins in their soup.
I normally make potato soup with chicken broth but I didn't have any so instead I used some ham broth I had in the freezer; the end result was so good I may have to start using ham broth from now on.
Now I need to decide if I want to thicken the soup. If I use flour it will change the taste.
I may try instant potatoes, which I read on line works well, but I never buy instant potatoes so hopefully, if I give it a try, it will work without changing the flavor.


Anonymous said...

Ham broth is my favorite for tater soup too.. you do know you're making me want some :-)

Ann said...

Hmmm......ham broth in potato soup sounds absolutely heavenly! Mark informed me yesterday he wanted a ham for Thanksgiving...Maybe I'll boil the bone and make some broth for soup. Or just go buy some ham hocks and make some before before that!

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